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Funky Slide Guitar Sample

Here’s a guitar playing sample that I put together using my glass slide. A slide is a guitar playing accessory that, when used correctly gives the guitar a unique sound. They commonly are produced from glass, glazed ceramic, or metal. … Continue reading

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“I went from learning notes to shredding,” Matt says of his Guitar Lessons

8/1/2011 Matthew J. (former guitar student, reference available) Ira was an excellent teacher in the two years I had him.  During this time I went from learning notes to shredding up and down pentatonic scales. The process was very enjoyable. … Continue reading

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Power of the PENTATONIC SCALE Demonstration

The Pentatonic Scale is so important that I would take no risk at saying that it is the most important scale behind the Diatonic Scale.  It it used throughout all music – whether pop, rock, blues, folk, jazz, classical or … Continue reading

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